Bowl Food

More substantial than canapés, yet not as large as a full ‘main meal’, bowl food is a stylish and exciting way to serve a wonderful variety of food to your guests. Bowls in themselves are a meal reduced to the size of a small and elegant porcelain bowl, and designed to be eaten with a fork while standing. Guests can therefore enjoy a diverse selection of small ‘meals’ for lunch or dinner at your event and you will be catering effortlessly for a wide range of individual tastes.

Bowl Food is ideal for a party or event where you would like the perfect mix of ease of socializing for all your guests, while at the same time offering a filling and substantial meal. This option is also a brilliant solution for private house parties where you might wish to invite more guests than you have space to seat, or for large scale corporate functions and events.  Our bowl food is normally served from our specially designed usherette trays, while a bowl food buffet is an alternative.

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