Canapés, or ‘Amuse-Bouches’, were first served by the French to their guests in the 18th century. The British then adopted ‘canapés’ a century later. The word ‘canapé’, from the French word to mean ‘couch’ or ‘sofa’, draws on the analogy that a garnish or topping sits on a base, as people sit on a couch/sofa. What a thought! You will find no ‘couch potatoes’ on our menu, just sumptuous elegant delicacies!

At Noble House Events we have designed a canapé menu with an amazing choice for any occasion. Whether you are holding a business canapé and drinks function, canapés with the champagne reception at your wedding, or for a private cocktail party in your home, canapés are a fantastic solution for serving large or small numbers of people in a sociable environment.

Canapés invite people to mingle more easily whilst enjoying something delicious to accompany their drinks. The range and amount of canapés you offer your guests is entirely up to you. Maybe you would like to offer a more affordable or convenient alternative to a full sit down dinner, or to provide a compliment to your champagne, wine or cocktails. Our canapés are all bite size, handmade from the freshest ingredients, perfect ‘meals-in-miniature’. No corners are cut in our efforts to serve the finest tasting and best-presented canapés, and, constantly inspired by new recipes and trends, our range of canapés is constantly expanding.

We take the utmost pride in the presentation of our canapés. We have a fantastic selection of canapé trays and platters to suit any occasion, whatever the style or theme. Our trays can be simple and stylish, can be lit up or with cascading dry ice, or be decorated to compliment the theme of your party. For corporate events, if desired, our canapé trays can also be branded with your company logo or message.

Here you can see our sample canapé menu for 2012. It is not a complete list of every single canapé that we do (that would take up too much space!), so if you have any other particular requests do let us know. We also have specifically seasonal canapé menus, for example for Christmas or Thanksgiving events.

To see our 2012 canapé menu, click here!